The history of our company

ExcelLance is a computer service company founded in 2002. A dedicated team of engineers and highly skilled developers are available to companies looking for comprehensive solutions to improve application functionality, comfort of use and to optimize costs.



The company provides consulting, engineering, systems integration and outsourcing services to customers operating in different sectors such telecoms, bank and insurance, energy, transport, public authorities and administrations, industry, publishers, content editors and distributors.

ExcelLance meets the challenge of reliability and competitiveness in business, combining professionalism, innovation and proximity. Among the areas of focus that include Enterprise 2.0 and mobile applications, Kinomap is driven by content management and its delivery, including geo tagging.

Existing architectures are around rigid processes, client-server models which are only accessible from the company's local network in a strictly controlled area. These have had their day. Today, needs are very different in a world where organizations need flexibility. The workplace is no longer restricted to the physical office. Access to information must be permanent, anywhere at anytime and by using any device. The office is extended and therefore access to information must be independent of the terminal. Mobility has become the key word. Mobile phone is a universal device on which iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Samsung Bada are the operating systems. Forester analysts consider that in 2010, more that 30% of the employees have downloaded at least one business application they use for their work on a Smartphone.

As such, ExcelLance has a pole of expertise around the development of mobile applications. The company designs, from applications and other databases originally developed to store and manage static content, new applications that provide controlled access and distribution of such content, new Operation model, new applications hosted in secured Datacenters around the world, Access in full mobility, New architectures based on virtualization, Cloud computing to be independent of the hardware and the localization of the data and gibing an higher availability and accessibility.